About the Course & Katy Harvey

Hi, I’m Katy Harvey, and I developed this course because I saw a need.

I see people in my office every day who are struggling with their eating after having had bariatric surgery.

People tell me all the time how terrified they are that they are going to regain all of their weight after surgery.  And this fear has a profound impact on their life.

Trust me, I get it.  As someone who specializes in eating disorders and body shame after bariatric surgery, I know the struggles of people in this position.

So I created this course as a tool to help people get back on track – and to do it from the convenience of their own home or office (or coffee shop, or wherever).

The idea is that the learning can be self-paced, and the material can be revisited as often as a person desires.

It is also more cost-efficient than pursuing in-person nutrition counseling sessions (which are not usually covered by health insurance).  You’d have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this guidance from a dietitian one-on-one.

About the creator

Katy Harvey, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD, is a registered dietitian. She has worked with hundreds of people who have had bariatric surgery, and she has seen their pitfalls on both the front and back end of the surgery.

Katy understands the devastation that a person feels when their surgery isn’t working.  She is passionate about helping people find peace with food and heal their relationship with their body.  She is able to help people make change in a positive and compassionate manner, understanding the deep down struggles a person’s battle with weight have caused them as a human being.

Katy is additionally an expert in eating disorders and disordered eating, which are actually very common in people with bariatric surgery.  In fact, binge eating disorder (BED) is the most common eating disorder that exists, and is the most common eating disorder in the bariatric surgery population.

Some people had an active eating disorder prior to surgery, and for others it develops after surgery.  Katy’s extensive understanding of this complicated scenario makes her uniquely qualified to help people who are struggling with their relationship with food.

For more information about Katy, her individual services, her blog and free ebooks, visit her here.