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8 Key Steps to Getting Back on Track After Bariatric Surgery

  • Are you struggling to stay on track with your eating after bariatric surgery?
  • Have you regained some (or all) of the weight you lost?
  • Are you feeling frustrated, confused and defeated about your eating?
  • Do you want to learn how to avoid common mistakes that people make after bariatric surgery?
You’re in the right place!

Inside the free guide you’ll discover…

✨The exact steps I have used with hundreds of clients to help them transform their relationship with food.

✨ Tons of tips, hacks, and strategies to make eating easier, healthier, and delicious — all without dieting or deprivation.

✨ The things to pay attention to when it comes to health after bariatric surgery (hint: it’s not the scale!)

➕SO much more!!

All it takes is the courage to look at your mindset and behaviors around food, and the willingness to make some changes.


👋 Hi, I’m Katy, the founder of Reset Bariatric, an online learning program and community where you can learn how to stop dieting, and to make peace with food (all alongside likeminded people who are on the journey with you).
You see, you really can eat the foods you want after bariatric surgery – everything from cheeseburgers to brownies – as long as you have the right strategies and systems in place.
That’s what I help people to understand.
At Reset Bariatric we cut through the diet culture B.S. and drill down on what *actually* matters when it comes to your eating after surgery.
So that you can be happier.  And healthier.  And more confident.
And more comfortable in your skin than you’ve ever been.
Let’s do this together. 🙌