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5 Common Mistakes After Bariatric Surgery

(And How you can still eat cheeseburgers and be happy!)

Tuesday, July 23 at 12 PM CST

In this FREE training you’ll learn:

  • The 5 most common mistakes people make after bariatric surgery (and what to do instead)
  • How to take advantage of your body’s natural circadian rhythm  to improve your metabolism so you can eat food you love
  • Solutions to your snacking dilemmas
  • The system that everybody needs to have in place after surgery (but almost nobody knows about)

About Katy

Katy Harvey, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD, is a registered dietitian (but not the food police!).  In fact, you can think of her more as a “food therapist.”  She is also an author, speaker, as well as creator and founder or Reset Bariatric.

She has helped hundreds of people who have had bariatric surgery go from feeling frustrated, defeated, and discouraged…

…To eating the foods they love and feeling happy, healthy, energetic and empowered to use their surgery as a tool.