Reset: Getting Back on Track After Bariatric Surgery

The complete proven step-by-step system to eat the foods you love while still eating healthy (and without the fear of weight regain)

Welcome to my premium online course designed to help you live life to the fullest after bariatric surgery.
I’m Katy Harvey, the creator and founder of Reset: Getting Back on Track After Bariatric Surgery.

I created this course because I saw a need.

I’m a dietitian, and people were showing up in my office desperate and defeated because they had bariatric surgery and it didn’t work.

They were blaming themselves for yet another failure, when the truth is they didn’t have the guidance and support they needed in the first place.

In this course I teach you the EXACT steps that I’ve used to help hundreds of people change their relationship with food.

🙋‍♀️ This course is for you if:

  • You had bariatric surgery and are frustrated that you’re off track with your eating. 
  • You’ve regained some (or all) of the weight you lost after surgery.
  • You still want to be able to eat things like brownies, pizza and burgers (without guilt or upset stomach.)
  • You just had surgery and want to know how to eat moving forward.
  • You are getting ready to have bariatric surgery and want to start off on the right foot.

🙅‍♀️ Who this course is NOT for:

  • People who haven’t had bariatric surgery (Duh, right? 😝)
  • People who are unmotivated to put in the work to change their relationship with food.
  • People who think that dieting or “pouch resets” are the only answer.

Over the past decade I’ve worked with hundreds of people both before and after bariatric surgery who have struggled with their eating and their weight.

I’ve seen people go from feeling defeated, frustrated and ashamed…

…to feeling confident and empowered with the way they use their surgery (all while eating the foods they want!) 💪

🗣 Here’s what a couple of people in my private Facebook group are saying:



using this step-by-step proven system you will learn how to:

  • Eat everything from brownies to alfredo sauce to cheeseburgers – without upsetting your stomach (OMG, yes!)
  • NEVER have to diet again (hallelujah!)
  • Understand how to use your surgery better than 99% of most people (Bam!)
  • Eat well while still enjoying the foods you love 
  • Have more energy and better self-esteem
  • Be healthier with fewer digestive issues, better sleep, and less stress about your eating (Sign me up!) 
  • Totally change your mindset around what foods you can eat for the rest of your life after surgery
  • Be WAY LESS overwhelmed and frustrated, and WAY MORE confident about your surgery and the way you manage your food
  • Figure out WHY you got off track in the first place (and how to freaking prevent it from happening again!)
  • Know exactly WHAT, WHEN & HOW to eat so you feel your best (Finally!)
…And so much more! 🤸‍♀️

This course isn’t about me telling you what to eat and shaming you for not doing it.
Instead it’s about empowering you with a COMPLETE & PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM to get you back on track and feeling great. 

This course includes…

  • 9 step-by-step video lessons that teach you EXACTLY what to eat and how to get back on track
  • 2 Super AWESOME Bonuses (Just for this launch!)
  • 24/7 support via an exclusive private facebook group for students only
  • A plan for WHAT, WHEN and HOW to eat meals & snacks (+ tons of meal ideas & examples)
  • The other essential things to focus on besides just food (e.g. sleep, mood, physical activity, self-care, etc.)
  • A totally different mindset about your weight
  • An easy system so you can implement a new routine that gets (and keeps) you on track for the long haul
  • Avoiding rookie mistakes and aggravation that will save you tons of time and thousands of dollars in healthcare costs, diet programs, pills, weight-loss shakes, etc.

    You also get lifetime access & support

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!  You can access ALL of the course materials immediately after you sign up.

AND you will have LIFETIME ACCESS to everything inside the course and bonuses!

AND you will get LIFETIME SUPPORT 24/7 via Facebook for the course so you can ask questions & get feedback.  You can also reach out to me for tech support issues.

AND you will get free LIFETIME UPDATES to all of the course materials when new stuff comes out.  You’ll be grandfathered in so you’ll never pay another dime for any course updates or new content.

30 Day 100% Guarantee

When you sign up today you get a full 30 days to try out the course and the bonuses to see if it’s right for you. If you decide it’s not your cup of tea, no worries, we’ll part ways with no hard feelings AND I’ll give you 100% of your money back.


Lesson 1: "WHY do I eat the way that I do?"
  • We eat for a LOT of reasons…What are yours?
  • What surgery does (and doesn’t) do for your relationship with food
  • Ditching the diet mentality
  • The 5 MOST COMMON mistakes people make with their eating after bariatric surgery
Lesson 2: Knowing Your Tool (Part 1)
  • Understanding your surgery better than 99% of other people
  • Empowers you to eat food strategically
  • How to drastically reduce upset stomach
  • Common dilemma: Appetite cues (“Help! I don’t know when I’m hungry anymore!”…or….”I’m hungry all the time!”)
Lesson 3: Knowing Your Tool (Part 2)
  • What to do if food is getting stuck/plugged, or flushing right through your stomach (Why this happens and how to prevent it)
  • Let’s talk about poop…LOL!
  • Rookie mistake: Failing to use this info to your advantage
Lesson 4: Using Food to Work FOR You
  • WHAT to eat – everything from pizza to dessert, I’ve got you covered!
  • WHEN to eat (the ideal eating schedule)
  • HOW to eat (chewing, drinking, and everything in between)
  • Turning from a distracted eater to a mindful eater
Lesson 5: Making Peace With Food
  • Why the good/bad food mentality doesn’t work (and how to think differently about food)
  • The answer to the common question, “How many calories should I eat?”
  • Physical hunger vs Emotional hunger
  • How to stop throwing in the towel (aka the “what-the-heck response”)
Lesson 6: Meal Planning Made Simple
  • Meal planning and grocery shopping made SUPER simple
  • Meal ideas, snack suggestions and how to get enough protein from “real food” (so you don’t have to choke down protein shakes forever)
  • Sample menus, grocery lists, and more!


Lesson 7: But Wait...What About Weight?
  • The answer to the most common question I get: “How much weight will I lose after surgery?”
  • Why the “goal weight” you’ve been given is probably wrong.
  • Rookie mistake: Obsessing over weight (and what to focus on instead)
Lesson 8: It's Not Just About the Food
  • Everything besides food…
  • Exercise, sleep, mental health
  • Alcohol
  • Your overall MINDSET about your eating + weight
Lesson 9: Being Awesome and Putting it all Together
  • It’s one thing to have all this info…but how can you actually implement all of it?!
  • An easy SYSTEM for using all of the concepts we’ve discussed in the course
  • How to sustain ongoing motivation + inspiration
  • How to STAY ON TRACK!

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During this enrollment period I am offering the option to also sign up for 4 weeks of personal coaching from me (Katy Harvey😁) along with the course.
You’ll get:
  • Entire Course with Lifetime Access
  • 4 Weeks of Personal Coaching with Katy Harvey
  • Weekly Group Coaching Mastermind Calls
  • Weekly Accountability Emails from Katy
  • 2 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls with Katy (at beginning and end of 4 weeks)
  • An Extra Special Surprise Mailed to You at Home!
Limited Number of Spots Available


so how much does it cost?

💫 You can spend years trying to figure this out on your own and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on diet programs, books, shakes, diet pills, supplements, and gimmicky “pouch resets” that don’t work (because if they did, you wouldn’t be here, right?).

💫 Doing nothing and staying off track will cost you even more money in medical costs to doctor’s visits, prescription medications, physical therapy, surgeries, and other health complications.

Save yourself the time, money & frustration by signing up for this complete proven system.

💫 You could try to figure this out on your own or hire a professional for $5,000+ to walk you through all of this.

💫 You could join an official diet for an average of $600 per year membership PLUS their food products every month, which totals $5,000+ (and has a 95% failure rate).

💫 It cost me $20,000 and 3,000 hours in research, clinical training and development of the course.

💫 Or you could do nothing, keep struggling, and eventually get a surgical revision for $10,000+.

It will cost you a tiny fraction of those figures…

 Not $10,000
Not $5,000
Not even $1,000 (which is what I should have charged🤦‍♀️)

You can get the Entire system for:

$197 per month for 3 months  

Meaning you can get started NOW for only $197 – and you’ll get instant access to everything with your first payment

Yippee!! 💃

And look, I get it…This is a big investment for most people.

BUT when you look at the bigger picture, this will cost you a fraction of the money you would otherwise waste on other attempts at figuring this out.

That’s also why I have included the payment plan – to make it more affordable and accessible.

And I promise you this: The value inside this course BY FAR exceeds the cost of it.

And How much does the coaching cost?

💫 To hire me with this kind of access IRL (in real life) you’d pay $500/week ($2000 for weeks)…And that doesn’t include the course (an additional $497, for a total of $2497).

💫For this exclusive offer you get 4 weeks of group and individual coaching AND the entire Reset online course for a grand total of just $1500.

💫 I’m basically giving you a $1k discount! 🤩

💫 I’ve never given students this kind of up close access to me before (and I’m not sure if I will in the future).

So what are you waiting for???


Ready to jump in and get started? Yippee!!

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One Time Payment

Limited Number of Spots Available


  • Entire Course with Lifetime Access
  • 4 Weeks of Personal Coaching With Katy Harvey
  • Weekly Group Coaching Mastermind Calls
  • Weekly Accountability Emails from Katy
  • 2 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls With Katy (at beginning & end of 4 weeks)
  • An Extra Special Surprise Mailed to You at Home!

ZERO RISK.  30 day guarantee.

FAQ’s about this course

“How does this course work?”

Reset: Getting Back on Track After Bariatric Surgery is an online video course.  It is self-paced, so you can work through it on your own time.  There are 9 lessons and you have access to all of them right away.  Watch them all in one sitting, or take your sweet time.  It’s up to you!  You will have lifetime access to the materials on the website, so if you want to rewatch any of the lessons you always can.

“Is it live?”

Nope – you don’t have to worry about being “in class” at a particular time.  All of the lessons are pre-recorded and available to you at anytime you choose.  You can even download them to take them with you on-the-go.

“How much time does each lesson take?”

Each video lesson is about 30 minutes long, but there are times I will ask you to pause to do an action step during the lesson, so it depends on how long that takes you.  There is also homework that comes with some of the lessons.  All of the lessons build upon each other, so you’ll be implementing ongoing things along the way.  However, remember that it is a self-paced course, so you can go faster or slower if you want…That’s the beauty of this as an online course, it’s all at your own speed! 

“What if I fail at this too?”

Every experience is an opportunity to learn something.  Let’s say you go through all the lessons in this course and still aren’t able to get back on track.  That’s an important piece of data, and perhaps it means that you have deeper issues that need to be addressed by a professional in an individual manner.  Or perhaps there are medical issues going on that are complicating your scenario and you need to see your surgeon.  The point is, if you go through this course and it “doesn’t work” (yet) we need to look at the reasons why.  Don’t give up on yourself!  You’ll also have ongoing support via the students-only Facebook group, so you can ask questions and get feedback in there any time you want to!

"How long will I get access for?"

You get lifetime access!  You can also download all of the materials for safekeeping 🙂

"Can I download the material?"

Yes, you can!!  I want this to be as easy and convenient as possible for you, so I made everything downloadable.

"Do I get everything right away?"

Yes! You get instant access to ALL of the course materials + bonuses!

"How long does it take to get results?"

That’s going to depend how much work you put into it.  There are action steps right away in lesson 1, so you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

"Is this program a pouch reset like I've heard about online?"

Nope – those “pouch resets” you hear about online are total B.S.  They don’t actually work.  They are promoted by people who don’t understand how your anatomy & physiology work.  This course is a reset of your mind and body to think differently and use your surgery effectively as a tool.  The main difference between this course and a “pouch reset?”  THIS COURSE ACTUALLY WORKS.

"Do you ever update the course? If so, do I get updates?"

Yes I keep the course updated and will always send you notification when new stuff gets added.

"If I have a question that comes up during the course, how do I get it answered?"

You can ask your question in my private students-only Facebook group.  No question in there goes unanswered!  We take care of our students!